Mumbai: The actor, who suffered an injury on his weak shoulder during the filming of Rohit Shetty’s upcoming film, will be undergoing the surgery at a Bandra hospital.

SRK was earlier scheduled to have his shoulder operated upon in London in June but is said to have later altered his decision.

A source says, “SRK has always been prone to accidents and injuries. He has suffered from a broken backbone, broken ribs, neck injury, twisted ankles and a knee injury too. After wrapping up the last shoot schedule of Rohit’s film and with the recent season of IPL matches over, he has decided to have his shoulder treated in Mumbai itself.”

The actor’s stay in the hospital has been currently scheduled for a couple of days. After a few days’ rest, he will be back at work, promoting his Deepika Padukone co-starrer film. “He will also begin work on Farah Khan’s next.”

During an awards show a few months ago, Shah Rukh had spoken about the possibility of a shoulder surgery. He said, “This is a new injury. The old one is fine but for this one I may have to go for a surgery later.”