Before last year, even though they have always had rivalry, there was a clear line drawn between. Salman Khan’s films would release during Eid and Shah Rukh Khan would have a release during Diwali season.

But last year, the equation changed as Rohit Shetty’s SRK starrer Chennai Express was released on Eid and raked in huge moolah. Looks like SRK plans to cash in on this auspicious day again.

The buzz is that SRK’s ‘Raees’ might release on Eid in 2015. This, in spite of the makers of the film being aware that the Salman-starrer yet untitled film directed by Kabeer Khan is scheduled to release on that day.

If sources are to be believed, a member from the production house called up Salman’s manager to find out if his film is indeed releasing on Eid. The manager answered in the affirmative. Next day, the production house announced that their film will also be releasing on Eid. Kabir Khan is said to have been a little miffed with this new development as they had announced their release date in November this year.

The buzz is that in spite of this new announcement, Kabir and Salman might not budge from the release date. Salman always considered Eid to be his lucky date and this film is being produced by his ‘Being Human’ banner.

A source said, “It is not fair on the part of the production house to enquire about date of Salman’s release and then go ahead and announce their own film. Whatever happened to the goodwill among film-makers? The competition is becoming too cut-throat and nobody seems to be bothered about others. If both the movies release on the same day, it will only harm each other’s market. Why is it becoming such a big ego issue, is beyond comprehension.”

Trade analyst Amod Mehra echoes this sentiment. He thinks it would not be fair for both the parties but he then adds, “2015 is far away and the release dates of the film will be decided on who is standing stronger at the box office at that time. We can only wait and watch.”  It is unclear if the stars themselves are aware of this situation.

Courtesy: Mid-day

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