New Delhi: Overlooking the important aspect of reeling under staff crunch, the Delhi Transport Corporation (DTC) has been busy playing the role of big brother to State Transport Authority (STA). DTC has handed over the services of 198 staff members including 192 conductors and six drivers to the STA.  

According to DTC’s senior officials, the STA has engaged the 198 staffs in 100 buses under Delhi Integrated Multi-Modal Transit System (DIMMTS).

In addition, the STA has also taken 22 Tavera cars from DTC which is being used in the enforcement purposes.

As per the information received through an RTI filed in the Delhi Transport Department, it was ascertained that 198 workers were working with DTC. Interestingly, among the six drivers who have been engaged in the STC work, four of them are the drivers of the DTC headquarters.

According to sources, the drivers are drawing a salary from DTC but are working for DIMMTS. During the search campaign in September the report confirmed that the government drivers are giving their services to the private organization, DIMMTS. The private organization in one year has bought only 100 buses. It even lacks parking space for the buses.

Eventually, as a result, the DTC is unable to buy new busses and is forced to run the old buses which are in a very bad condition.

According to DIMMTS spokesperson there must have been any contract with the transport department, following which these swapping of employees has taken place.

(JPN/ Bureau)