Haridwar: In an attempt to give impetus to his second-phase movement, yoga guru Baba Ramdev after many days of silence, visited the workers at his industrial units in the city on Thursday. Lashing out at Centre, Ramdev motivated the workers to fight without any fear for the cause of the country.

Ramdev, who surveyed the Divya pharmacy unit, inspected the production and distribution process and met several of the workers. He also stayed at Patanjali Ayurvedic Food and Herbal Unit for a long time and discussed the processing of food items at the plant.

While talking to the workers about the June 4 crackdown, Baba crticised government’s step and raised the rhetoric of fighting against corruption and black money stashed abroad. He also asked them to never fear anything and always fight for justice.

Calling the June 4 crackdown barbaric, Ramdev said, “Government wanted to kill me in an encounter, but I am neither scared nor terrified with the police brutality.” The yoga guru claimed to continue his struggle to fight against injustice.

Observers believe that Ramdev’s move will usher in motivation among his followers. It is also assumed that now, he is trying to gear up for second phase movement.