In a heart-wrenching incident that claimed 20 innocent lives, 18 of them were women and 2 babies, injuring as many as 50 in a stampede during a religious ceremony at Haridwar. It is a sordid saga of colossal negligence and huge mismanagement in organizing a religious function, which the country off and on brushes with, has made people squirm off across India. Chants of Vedic mantras turned wail of cry when wave of pilgrims struggling to get closer look of the yagya venue stumbled down leading to stampede. This incident could have been averted had the local administration and organizers had taken a proper measure to control the huge crowd. It is profound paradox that devotees walked down the yagya venue to earn virtues and blessings for long life, but they instead slumped into untimely demise and distress. This mishap happened when the Gayatri Pariwar was celebrating the birth centenary of Shri Ram Sharma Acharya. This is a big jolt to this organization and it could be termed as sheer negligence because there was no proper management to control the crowd of pilgrims despite the anticipation of huge footfalls. Local administration should be held accountable for giving a go-ahead to the organizer without proper weighing pros and cons of the event.

In given the gravity of situation, it would not be proper to say that incident is under judicial lens. As the organizer of Gayatri Mahayagya and local administration have started passing the buck, it appears unlikely that the culprit would be brought to book. It is obvious that negligence and mismanagement have led to the incident, which takes place time and again in the country. The death of more than 100 people in Sabarimala temple of Kerala owing to stampede and about 60 died in the Ashram of Kripaluji Maharaj, Pratapgarh, which took place this year itself, are still afresh in memory. It clearly indicates that the organizers and administration refuse to learn any lesson from the past mistakes done in incidents. Such cases undoubtedly dent the image of the country, hence there must be a stringent law for those who violate the norms while organizing such function, nevertheless every law abiding citizen has a duty to avert such mishaps during religious gathering.