New Delhi: In a big jolt to the UPA government, the Standing Committee on Home Affairs rejected the Enemy Property (Amendment and Validation) Second Bill 2010 asking the government to prepare it afresh.

The committee chaired by BJP leader Vainkaiah Naidu turned down the bill, that would enable legal heirs of those who migrated to Pakistan to hold on to their property in India, stating that the proposed amendment Bill failed to address its objectives.

Raising questions on the bill, the panel mentioned about the provisions in the ordinance which were amended in the second bill. According to them changes in the bill failed to serve its objective. The committee submitted the final report to Rajya Sabha speaker Hamid Ansari. 

The issue was brought to notice by Raja Mahmoodbaad MA Mohammed Khan who migrated to Pakistan at the time of division leaving behind massive property in Uttar Pradesh. He filed petition in Supreme Court to get custodian hold on the properties in India.

The decision on the Enemy Property Bill will have its impact on different states of the country with major effect on Uttar Pradesh. There are 2186 enemy properties in the country out of which 1468 are in Uttar Pradesh alone, 351 in West Bengal, 66 in Delhi, 63 in Gujarat , 40 in Bihar, 35 in Goa , 25 in Maharashtra and 24 in Kerala.