New Delhi: In a sharp attack on the government, the BJP on Thursday said it has come to a standstill due to the "perpetual crisis" and weak political leadership.

Initiating the discussion in Lok Sabha on the General Budget, senior BJP leader Jaswant Singh said the government seems to be an "illusion" as no decision has been taken in view of many scams which have hit the UPA government.

He targeted the government for price rise, fiscal deficit, black money and lack of investment in the country.

Singh said the civil servants are unwilling to take any decision as they do not want to commit any mistake.

"This indicates weak political leadership of the country," he said.

Singh said it has been "condemned to perpetual crisis" and referred to the problems being faced by the UPA coalition from its allies.

"If you succeed, it is good. We want you to succeed. But your government does not want to succeed," he said.

The BJP leader expressed concern over the high rate of fiscal deficit and said certain state governments have been more successful than the Centre in tackling fiscal deficit.

"The states have been performing better than the Centre. The states are concentrating on capital account which resulted fall of fiscal deficit while the Central government is concentrating on consumption," he said.

Singh said there has been illusion of national confidence. "Please tell the truth. Unless we discuss things truthfully, we can't solve problem," he said.