"I don't like stardom... It is not important for me. I want to be respected as a person and money can do that. I don't like people making noise, camera flashing, drama and three security guards walking with you.. It is horrible," Saif said in an interview.

"I love acting and love getting paid for it. I love making money.. It is nice, these things are great. I don't want to be famous, I don't like the attention. It sounds strange to people. It feels nice to be walking and seeing things around, do normal things. I want to be happy, comfortable. That is why I spent lot of time abroad.. Nobody recognises me.. So, I am very happy," he said.

The 43-year-old does not consider himself as a great actor or a superstar.

"I don't think I am a superstar... I am just a star. Actors like Rajesh Khanna, Amitabh Bachchan and others are superstars who have achieved great success. I don't think I have achieved that. I do I think I am successful but not super successful till now. But I would like to be super successful," Saif said.

"I wanted to work with Tigmanshu he is quite multiplex and single screen type director. 'Bullett Raja' is like single screen kind of film. If the film doesn't do well.. Then I will be in trouble. I am looking to do work that is slightly out of my comfort zone, I hope it works for me," he said.

Tigmanshu's films have always had guns and Saif too loves using guns in reel and real life.

"I love guns, I know guns very well. They are like passion for me. I love shooting them and love looking at them. I would like to have a library, I would like to have a gun room, look at them and admire. They are like work of art for me, like painting. I possess 12 in the family," he said.

The film deals with the nexus between politicians and gangsters in UP and Saif got well versed with this during the shooting process.

"I knew there was corruption over there but I realized it is like (in this way) between the businessmen, police, gangsters and politicians while doing it (film)," he said.
In this film, Saif has a raw and rustic avatar. "It feels great when people like your look. It is like the Dabangg of gangsters. The look is my idea.. I gave inputs. " he added.


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