The US intelligence service has described Pak-ISI as a terror entity and furthered that Inter-Services Intelligence is tantamount to Al Qaeda. Albeit this revelation has been tumbled out by WikiLeaks, it is worth underlining that the disclosure is in fact not an opinion or comment of anyone rather it is a conclusion made after the CIA officials had a tete-a-tete with sundry terrorists. This may have caused fury in Pakistan, further sinking the already poor relationship between US intelligence services and their Pakistani counterpart, supposedly key allies in the hunt for Osama bin Laden, but India should not be surprised with the revelations as there have been enough evidence of involvement of ISI in terror activities ranging from Kargil war to Mumbai 26/11 holocaust. The disclosure of the CIA officials vividly mentioned the name of terror outfit of Jais-e-Mohammad and Lashkar-e-Taiba alongside ISI and Al Qaeda. It is pertinent that this document, however, was made in 2007, but it is still undercurrent that the name of ISI has not been stamped out of the list of terror outfits daring Uncle Sam. This unmistakably drives home a message that Pakistan runs double standard regarding terrorism as America does. Pakistan claims that it stands tall against perpetrators as well as tosses logic to prove that the country per se is ravaged with terror activities, but the reality is a far cry—Pakistan unstintingly backs terror groups that has been corroborated by the US intelligence services umpteenth times. Moreover, American Foreign Secretary, Defence Secretary and even President Barack Obama chipped in with words that Pakistan is not keen on taking concrete and calibrated actions against perpetrators.

America knows well that it is not getting success in Afghanistan because ISI is discreetly extending support to Taliban. Nonetheless, there have been scores of reports of Taliban hobnobbing with ISI, the American authorities are holding on to perception that without ISI’s help it is difficult to tackle terrorists. Undoubtedly, America is chasing wild goose for keeping a tie with Pakistan to contain terrorism. As ISI and Pakistani Army know that the US has a compulsion of tying with Pakistan, so both of them are taking extra mileage. India needs to tread carefully in thawing relation with Pakistan as it is obvious that the Pakistan government has no control over its Army. It is significant that Indian dispensation termed as 'false' a media report that Manmohan Singh had contacted Pakistan Army Chief General. In no way can such kind of gimmick be helpful in improving relation with neighbour, Pakistan must learn!