New Delhi, Jan 19 (Agencies): Terming the stashing of money by Indians in banks abroad, Supreme Court on Wednesday came down heavily on the Central government over the issue of black money, saying it was a mind boggling crime.

Court expressed displeasure over the government's reluctance in coming forward with full information on the black money stashed by Indians in foreign banks, saying it as a theft of national wealth and amounted to "plunder" of the nation.

"It is a pure and simple theft of the national money. We are talking about mind-boggling crime. We are not on the niceties of various treaties," remarked a bench comprising justices B Sudershan Reddy and S S Nijjar, while hearing a petition by former Law Minister Ram Jethmalani and others for retrieving Indian black money stashed in foreign banks.

The remark by the bench came when Solicitor general Gopal Subramanium was explaining various steps taken by the government under the Double Taxation Avoidance Act.

The court was unhappy that the government filed an affidavit restricting information relating to the money deposited by 26 persons in Liechtenstein Bank in Germany.

"This is all the information you have or you have something more?," the bench asked.

"We are talking about the huge money. That is the plunder of nation," the bench remarked.

Congress reacted to the apex court's observation cautiously, saying Government was doing its best in the case.