New Delhi: A boon for poor students might prove to be a bane for the state exchequers. With the implementation of Right to Education Act (RTE), the states will be liable to repay Rs 826 crore in the first year of its implementation itself.
Under Section 12C of the Right to Education Act, the Centre has ensured a reservation of 25 percent seats for children belonging to the weaker sections in all the non-aided government schools.

The state governments are required to repay this school expenditure incurred on the children’s education from Class I to Class VIII which amounts to Rs 826 crore in the first year.

According to sources, the amount will vary from state to state. The Centre has already made a state wise assessment.
States like Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan and Andhra Pradesh will be facing major problems as the repay amount incurred by these states is assumed to be huge considering their size.

Assessment of the schools of Uttar Pradesh has revealed that the state will be incurring an initial payment of Rs 152 crore for the education of poor children which will increase to Rs 1223 crore after eight years.

Similarly, Jharkhand will have to shell out Rs 6 crore in the first year of the Act implementation which will increase to Rs 50 crore in the eighth year.