Kolkata: Defending itself on the usage of the land allotted to it in Singur, Tata on Wednesday submitted in Calcutta High Court that it was more interested in contributing to social and economic development in the area than running its Nano project.

“Tata did not opt for Singur just for business, but to involve itself in the economic and social development of the area,” said Tata counsel, Samaraditya Paul, challenging Singur Land Rehabilitation and development Bill, 2011.

In the court of Justice Saumitra Paul, Samaraditya submitted that the state government issued the Bill in haste and did not allow Tata to put forth their stand.

It needs to be mentioned that on June 21, the state government pasted land acquisition notice on the gates of the Tata factory and on the same day forwarded a copy of the notice to its Mumbai office.

The notice was received by Mumbai office on June 28. But during this time period, the state government started to return land to the farmers and did not gave Tata an opportunity to justify their stand.

The land was allotted to Tatas by the Left Front government, which invited a Public Interest Litigation (PIL) in Kolkata High Court, which is presently pending in the apex court.

During the hearing, Justice Saumitra Paul raised question on the pending PIL in Supreme Court. On this Tata counsel informed that hearing was expected on Tuesday, but the present state government has asked for extension of three months which has delayed the matter.

Meanwhile, the hearing will continue on Thursday. It needs to be mentioned that on June 22, Tata had challenged the Singur Rehabilitation and development Bill, 2011 in Kolkata High Court.