Lucknow: The police officers accused in the police recruitment irregularities in Uttar Pradesh can take a sigh of relief as the Mayawati government in principle has agreed to discontinue the ongoing departmental action against them on certain conditions.

The political pundits have termed the decision as an appeasing measure by the Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) state government in wake of the upcoming Assembly elections in 2012.

However, the state government has been quick to state that it would initiate the required measures against the alleged officials if the Supreme Court while hearing the pending petition finds them guilty of the charges. 24 Indian Police Service (IPS) and 97 Provincial Police Services (PPS) officers have been alleged of large scale irregularities during the police recruitment process.

The State government move will also benefit the 11 retired officers.

The accused officers were pressurising the government to end the judicial proceedings against them as their promotions were put on hold due to the ongoing investigation.

For the record, recruitment of 18,000 Constables was conducted during the Samajwadi Party tenure in the state. On allegations of discrepancies in the process, a committee formed under the chairmanship of Additional Director General Shailja Kant Mishra looked into the matter. On the recommendation of the Committee, the State government reversed the recruitments and ordered the suspension of 24 IPS officers and to file complaints against 97 PPS officers in the case.

It was written to the Centre for prosecution of officers under the Prevention of Corruption Act. However, the High Court restored the recruitments calling the committee an illegal one.

The government filed Special Leave Petition (SLP) in the Supreme Court against the decision of the High Court which was accepted by the Apex Court. However, no stay order was passed on High Court order.