New Delhi: National Literacy Mission (NLM), which was started by the government of India two years back with an aim to minimize illiteracy in the country by imparting functional literacy to illiterate adults, is still slogging to take off.

Moreover, states like UP and Bihar, where the illiteracy rate is high in comparison to other states of the country, has not shown any impetus to push this important programme.

According to the Centre, the indifferent behaviour of state governments is the core reason behind the delay.

Even after agreement in the review meeting, Bihar government has been unable to complete the directed work to start the ambitious scheme.

The state government has still not appointed coordinators at district and block levels. Moreover, the education centers for adults in districts like Begusarai, Bhojpur and Khadijah are not ready. 

The state government avoided to give the report to Central government during the financial year 2009-10, detailing about the expenses incurred on three districts under NLM. 

In Uttar Pradesh, instead of 66 districts, 26 districts were selected under NLM during the first phase.  The remaining districts are to be considered this year.

The UP government has not only been indifferent in spending money to push the mission, but has also lagged behind in recruiting volunteer teachers.  As per NLM, the state government was to arrange 4 lakhs volunteers.

The similar condition can be seen in states like West Bengal, Punjab and Haryana.

According to the government, including UP, Haryana and Maharashtra, there are four states which did not pay much attention to the NLM programme.

It is noteworthy that, in 2001, there were 30 crore illiterate adults in the country.