New Delhi: The Central government might have tabled the amended Land Acquisition Bill in the Parliament, but bringing all the states and political parties at a consensus on the issue would be an uphill task as some of the state governments have objected to the provision of Bill that prohibit acquiring multi-cropped land for industrial purposes.

States like Haryana, Punjab and West Bengal, have protested the clause.

Punjab, Haryana and West Bengal governments have opposed the provision as they are of the view that major percentage of land in their states are multi-cropped, which will make it difficult for them to acquire land for any industrial set up.

Interestingly, a massive protest was witnessed in West Bengal on acquisition of farm land in Singur and Nandigarm
Union Rural Development Minister Jairam Ramesh clarified in the Parliament on Thursday that there are different views regarding land acquisition bill. Therefore, only after discussion a final draft will be prepared and implemented with retrospective effect.

The Land Acquisition Bill has become a raging issue among political parties and it was visible in the Parliament.

Strongly criticising the suggestion made by the BSP to adopt the version of the Uttar Pradesh government on land acquisition, Ramesh said that land in UP were acquired for a purpose, but are used for other.