New Delhi: All the major food consuming states have lambasted the Central Government for supplying spurious foodgrains. They also held Food Corporation of India (FCI) responsible for it. The food consuming states alleged that the price of the supplied foodgrains is at par with market, but their quality is very poor.

Rebutting the states’ allegation, Food, PDS and Civil Supplies Minister K V Thomas said that states failed to take the sanctioned foodgrains which aggravated the problem of  FCI. The Minister even warned to reduce the additional allocation quota to those states who would procure less than 50 percent of food allocation.

Taking strong exception to the Minster’s move, Bihar government said that FCI allocates rotten foodgrains which are harmful for health. The state urged to destroy such foodgrains.
Some southern states put their complaint about the subsidized foodgrains which are provided to the BPL families. They said that better quality of foodgrains al lower price is available in the market.