United Nations: Ban Ki-moon has appealed to the Syrian authorities to end the violence which has so far killed over 8,000 people as the pro-democracy uprising in the country completes one year.

In a statement on the occasion of the mark the first anniversary of the Syrian uprising, the UN secretary general said that military operations against civilians should end to prevent a further militarisation of the conflict in the country.

"Well over 8,000 are dead as a result of the government's decision to choose violent repression over peaceful political dialogue and genuine change," Ban said.

"The status quo in Syria is indefensible," he said, adding the crisis has to solved through peaceful means.

Ban urged the Syrian government and opposition to cooperate with the efforts of the Joint Special Envoy Kofi Annan and appealed to the international community to offer its unified support to stop the bloodshed and find a political solution that ensures respect for the fundamental rights of the Syrians.