London: Fashion designer Stella McCartney admits she's "embarrassing" as she can't stop herself from going up to people to tell them that they are wearing her design.

Daughter of Beatles legend Paul McCartney, the 40-year-old says she loves seeing people donning her creations and can't stop herself from going up to them, reported a magazine.

"I'm embarrassing when I see someone in the street with one of my bags, I'm like 'nice bag.' It's really embarrassing, I need to stop actually!," Stella said. Despite her success, the designer says she's still motivated by the values that have marked her career.

"I'm very motivated about trying to make tiny bits of change in the industry. To maybe make people think in a different way - if I didn't have that point of difference in not using leather or fur, I think I'd be less motivated. It feels like it has a little bit of reason behind it, other than just making a nice dress," she added.