In his knee-jerk reaction over the acerbic comment made by Team Anna levelling corruption charges against him in the backdrop of coal-gate, the Prime Minister has made his assertion that he would quit if the allegation of graft against him is proved. The PM’s emotional outburst would not help out the nation whose image is having a Titanic-sink owing to the rampant cases of corruption and malpractices. Bungling in CWG, colossal malpractices in the allocation of 2G spectrum, Adarsh scam and skullduggery in Antrix-Devas deal have left the nation dumbstruck as well as hit the credibility of the ruling dispensation at the Centre. Even before the settling down of scams and scandals dust, coal-gate, which incurred a whopping loss of Rs 1.80 lakh crore, cropped up. The nub of the matter is despite Manmohan Singh’s impeccable image, the Congress-led government is not able to stem the rot eating into the vitals of the country. As the PMO office has been dragged in these cases, the nation is desperate to know how all these sleazes and malpractices happened under the stewardship of the Prime Minister.

Undoubtedly, everyone is holding respect for crystal-clear image of the PM, but his colleagues have earned tinted image in the string of scams and scandals. The pertinent question is, why does not the PM have control over his team? In the same breath, it is equally important that we have right to express our feeling in a democratic set up, but it does not mean that we should lose our decency while using words. The way Team Anna made comment against the PM is not in good taste. Such practice should be discouraged. As the PM is the chief of the administration, he is accountable for all issues. As the Prime Minister is known for his clean image and integrity, he should be proactive to grab the nettle and take cudgels against errant ministers and mandarins.