After the much-awaited report of Karnataka Lokayukta on the illegal mining racket which has been a subject of frequent controversy and conflict in the state, besmirched Chief Minister B S Yeddyurappa with no other option than to bid adieu to the key post. The Bharatiya Janata Party should well comprehend the fact that wasting time under the pretext of studying the investigation report or any other reason will not do any world of good to the party. The BJP may take as much time required to find a successor, but continuing with Yeddyurappa as Chief Minister holds no justification. Levelling some serious charges against the Chief Minister and others which prominently include the Reddy brothers under the Prevention of Corruption Act and laws, Lokayukta Santosh Hegde has recommended their prosecution. The stringent measures adopted by the Lokayukta have lessened all possibilities of an easy escape. The findings of the Lokayukta report are eye-popping to say the least as it points out that a mining company had donated Rs 10 crore to a Trust managed by Yeddyurappa family members which also sold a piece of land to another mining company for Rs 20 crores far above the guidance value of Rs 1.5 crore. This is nothing but a blatant act of corruption. After the exposure of the audacious act of corruption, the manner in which Yeddyurappa is making desperate efforts to safeguard himself is not a healthy sign. Having levelled with corruption charges, people holding key portfolios cannot be granted permission to defend themselves only on the ground that they are yet to be convicted in the matter.

If Yeddyurappa is reluctant to resign or continues to hold the portfolio for some more time, then the BJP is surely to become a laughing stock for all and sundry. Recently, Yeddyurappa has given indications of not stepping down, and if so, it will leave the BJP in a piquant position as the saffron party will not be able to demand the resignation of politicians hailing from other political parties on grounds of corruption. The sordid act of corruption by Yeddyurappa has brought the BJP and the Congress on equal terms on the controversial issues. It would have been better for the BJP that the party should not have waited for the Lokayukta report to dump Yeddyurappa because the CM’s alleged involvement in the illegal mining racket has remained in the limelight for a long time. Alike the Congress, the BJP too has proved that it initiates a decisive action against it’s tainted members only when the doors of all other options are closed on them. Both the Congress and the BJP may talk of tall claims on eradicating corruption but their approach reveals a totally different picture altogether. This is nothing but toying with the emotions of people because ruling party as well as the opposition are quick to pledge their solidarity to fight corruption, but on ground reality it appears a distant dream. The depressing fact can only be condoled that after being vilified on different stages the Congress is yet to decide its policies to fight corruption, whereas the BJP which boasts of having a crystal clear image safeguarded Yeddyurappa till exhaustion of all possibilities.