One of the methods is to simply Google search for ‘Flappy Bird apk’. Another option is to look on popular torrent sites. It’s not a big file and clocks in at less than 1 MB so the user won’t be burning too much data.

Once downloaded, the apk can only be installed if the user has allowed installation of apps from unknown sources. The user can find this entry in the security tab of the settings app on his Android phone. It’s a simple checkbox that one has to leave checked to be able to side load apps. Since by default it’s turned off, the user may have to turn it on first before installing the app. In any case, the installation UI should warn about having to turn the setting on. Once installed, the game should work just fine.

Flappy Bird’s Vietnamese creator, Dong Nguyen, had earlier announced on Twitter that he would be taking the game down for good. The exact reason for removing it is not yet known yet.

Nguyen had, however, mentioned he felt that people ‘overused’ the game and he could not take it anymore. Though he said in his Tweets that it has nothing to do with legal issues, there have been rumors of a warning letter issued by Nintendo, a Japanese multinational consumer electronics company.