It is yet to be seen what view the Supreme Court will take on Delhi Police’s justification on their midnight crackdown on Baba Ramdev and his supporters, but it can’t be denied that efforts are being made to justify the wrong by hook or by crook. However, it is not surprising after the Prime Minister, Home Minister and others senior Cabinet members justified the action of Delhi Police at Ramlila Maidan. After their statements, it was unlikely that the Delhi Police would own their mistakes. The affidavit which the Delhi Police submitted in the Apex Court also hints at the future course of action the Central government would resort to. There are enough reasons to believe that the Centre would deal with those who raise their voice against corruption and black money with an iron hand. The way the government has gone offensive against Baba Ramdev and Anna Hazare, it gives enough insight about its future intentions. The apprehension that the government would give a Ramdev-like treatment to Anna, if he sits on fast again, has only multiplied because it is not only justifying its stand on Lokpal, but is also terming its irrelevant and ineffective measures against black money as concrete.

The problem does not end at the fact that the government is tarnishing the image of its critics and trying to quell any such protest, rather it gets multiplied because Anna Hazare and his team are also gradually sinking the possibilities of any negotiations in future. Both the parties lack in trust is visible from the criticism of the government representatives on the Lokpal panel by Anna Hazare. He termed the government’s justification of its stand on Lokpal as an act of betrayal and a signal towards the fact that it is not honest in curbing the menace of corruption. Going a step ahead, it appears that both the government and members of Civil Society are in a rat race to prove each other wrong. It would be difficult to hold any one side guilty going by the extreme position taken by the opposing camps. It seems the joint Lokpal drafting committee has become a prey to the arrogance of the two parties. In any case, the arrogance of the government is a bad omen. The Central government is behaving as if it does not want to provide any room for criticism and disagreement in its regime. The body language of the government signals that it is unaware of the sentiments of the common man. And if the assumption is wrong, it signifies that the Central government is being governed by the view that it can befool the nation very easily.