London: When technological advances are making the process of filmmaking easier, Academy Award winner director Steven Spielberg prefers the "old-fashioned craft" with which he grew up.
The 64-year-old 'E T' director began making movies as a child and believes many people can now make films by even using a mobile phone to shoot something reported the website.
"All kids have to do these days is take their cellphone, flip it open and make a movie, but I like the way it started," said he.
"It wasn't a point-and-click art form, it was a craft. It involved solvents, photo-chemistry, cutting out poster board with industrial scissors and getting your fingers fused with Elmer's glue."It was all homemade stuff. If I was a chef, a microwave would be my worst enemy. I would want to do it the old-fashioned way." he added.

His love of cinema started when his father used to take a camera on holiday and used to capture their trips.
"My dad used to film our camping trips. He'd put the camera outside the window as we were driving along, and all you'd see was a blurring, brown motion of the Arizona desert streaking past. It got to the point where I begged him to be the videographer," said Spielberg.