London: Steven Spielberg is in talks with Warner Bros to direct the Biblical story of prophet Moses in the new film 'Gods and Kings'.
The film follows the story of Moses from the Old Testament, as reported.
Written by Michael Green and Stuart Hazeldine, the story charts the prophet's life from birth to death and focuses on his quest to free the Jewish people from the oppression of the Egyptian civilization and will include the key moments of his mission, including the parting of the Red Sea to lead the Israelites to the promised land and receiving the Ten Commandments from God.

Dan Lim and Matti Leshem are currently in place to produce, but the 64-year-old director is expected to bring in his own crew to work on the project.
Charlton Heston famously portrayed the religious leader in the 1956 film 'The Ten Commandments', while Ben Kingsley played him in the 1995 movie 'Moses'.