Panipat: Believe it or not but stones embedded at a tomb forecast weather. The stones set at the premises of the historical Qalandar Sahib Dargah predict weather.

According to locals, colour of the stones vary as weather changes and forecast summers, winters, rainy season and even storms precisely. The scientists have failed to solve the mystery behind this phenomenon.

The stones embedded on the outer walls of the Nawab Mukarbam Khan tomb are yellow in colour. If its colour changes to dark yellow, it indicates onset of summers.

If the colour changes to light yellow, it predicts winter season. The moisture on the stone will hint light rain and moisture along with droplets warns heavy rainfall.

If black spots are seen on the stone, it signals for storm.

Sufi Syed Ejaz Ahmed Hashmi of Bu Ali Shah Qalandar, said the weather being forecast by the stones is correct.

“Earlier, there was no technology to predict weather and these stones used to forecast it. The prediction has always been correct,” he said.

History behind stones

There is no information about the derivation of stones. However, there is a notice-board at the dargah stating ‘weather stones’.
It is said that the stones were embedded on the tomb by Nawab Mukarbam Khan’s son in 1661.