Kuala Lumpur: If you want to live a long life, the health secret is apparently not taking coffee or fried foods.
According to Malaysian centenarian Saad Jasin, who celebrated his 100th birthday recently, zero consumption of coffee and fried food were one of the reasons for his long life.
"I only eat rice with side dishes and drink plain water or tea every day," Jasin was quoted as saying by local daily.
He even had tips to avoid a hunch, which usually develops with age.
"To avoid my back from hunching over, I stand up slowly. This avoids stress on my bones," he said.
Despite suffering from loss of hearing, his appetite, eyesight and body were still in good condition, he said, adding that he took frequent walks in order to remain healthy.
The centenarian who married only once has eight children, 21 grandchildren, 39 great-grandchildren and eight great-great grandchildren.