"I want to tell everybody, that Pakistan, Pakistani Prime Minister and Pakistani establishment should be told that nobody should be allowed to cross into this side from that side. Then only there will be peace, otherwise not," he  told the Legislative Council here.

Sayeed was replying to supplementary queries posed by several members in the House on a question by PDP member Yashpal Sharma.

"I want to assure the members of this House that we will create an atmosphere of peace and Government of Pakistan must also ensure peace," Mufti asserted.

The Chief Minister added that border firing is not good for both sides. "People on both sides get killed in the firing. Why is that there was no firing from 2002 to 2010.

Accused of being soft on separatists, Sayeed had on Sunday condemned the two back-to-back terror attacks in the state, terming these as a "conspiracy" to derail the peaceprocess and had  asked Pakistan to rein in the terrorists.

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