The state government’s attitude over the abduction of the Sukma District Collector, Alex Paul Menon in Chhattisgarh clearly indicates that it is buckling under pressure. The Odisha government too is facing a similar kind of situation where an MLA has been abducted by the Naxals and is in their custody for one month. This after the state government has agreed to almost every demands made by the Naxals. Their helplessness can be gauged from the fact that all offensives against the Naxals have come to a halt. This has given out a message that the state governments along with the Centre have become helpless.  The abductions in Odisha and Chhattisgarh are a big blow to the administrative machinery. This incident has not only dented the image of the state governments but the entire nation. It is worrisome that the Naxals day by day are becoming more fearless thereby mounting trouble for state governments. It is a fact that the governments of the Naxal-affected states lack coordination despite the issue being raised in every meeting of Chief Ministers. Similarly, many politicians in order to keep their vote banks intact have been providing their support to the Naxals.

The state governments, which demand maximum aid from the Centre to fight Naxalism, want to spend the funds on their own. They are averse to any directions from the Centre in this matter. It is due to this that many state governments have been staunch critics of the National Counter Terrorism Centre (NCTC). It is to be noted that the states have opposed the NCTC in totality. They are not willing to extend their support even if certain clauses are changed. The result is there to see for all. The squabble over the NCTC has only benefitted the Naxals. The state governments and the Centre are still in a fix whether to launch an all out offensive against the Naxals or hold talks with them. Is it not ridiculous that Naxals have clear motive, but nobody knows that how the Centre and the states will deal with the menace?