Let us have a look at some of the strangest superstitions of cricketers:

Sachin Tendulkar:
Yes, even the God needs psychological relief sometimes. The cricket legend always used to wear his left pad first as he believed it brought him good luck.

Virender Sehwag:
This swashbuckling batsman’s superstition was as whacky as his batting style. He would wear a numberless jersey while playing for India because he found it numerological advantageous.

Ricky Ponting:
Former Australian captain is known to listen to loud music before coming to bat. This, apparently, kept him pumped up for action and brought success with bat, as well.

Steve Waugh:
The only thing which gained more popularity than his brilliant strokes, was his red handkerchief which he would carry to succeed in every match. The story behind it was that his grandfather had gifted it to him.

Mahela Jayawardhena:
This Sri Lankan superstar's romance with his bat is known to all. He used to kiss his bat every time while batting.

Rahul Dravid:
'The Wall' always put his right foot first on the ground to lay the foundation of a memorable innings.

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