Washington: Dominique Strauss Kahn, the former head of the IMF visited the Washington headquarters of the body to briefly meet with his successor and say goodbye to staffers.

“Strauss-Kahn visited IMF Headquarters. I can confirm that the Managing Director met briefly with him prior to Strauss-Kahn's meeting with Fund staff," an IMF spokesmansaid on Monday. "These were private meetings, arranged at his request.

We have no further comment to offer," the spokesman said.
This was Strauss Khan's first visit to the IMF headquarters in Washington, after he was forced to resign from the global lending institution following his arrest in New York early this year on rape charges.

The charges against him have now been withdrawn.
According to Huffington Post, Paulo Nogueira Batista, who represents Brazil on the IMF's 24-member executive board, described the meeting with staffers as warm.
He said hundreds packed into an IMF auditorium to hear Strauss-Kahn speak.
"It was a very emotional, warm farewell," Nogueira Batista said.
He said that Strauss-Kahn received lengthy applause when he entered the IMF auditorium and after he concluded his remarks, Huffington Post reported.
Earlier in the day, the lending agency sent an email to its staff that Strauss-Kahn wanted to meet them and say goodbye.