Aftermaths of Gandhian Anna Hazare’s crusade for an effective anti-corruption watchdog have slowly but surely started to emerge on the surface. Close on the heels of Kiran Bedi, another prominent member of Team Anna, Prashant Bhushan has received a breach of privilege notice from the Parliament. Subsequently, it is writing on the wall that the Parliament is determined to take action against these people. The series of developments indicate at the possibilities of Actor Om Puri also getting a similar notice in the next few days. Irrespective of what logic is put forth by these three persons and the action initiated by the Parliament, one is expected to present one’s views in a dignified and righteous manner. Even the freedom of expression calls for decency while expressing the views. Making a hard-hitting statement does not mean that one should stoop to the point of stepping aside to level of language. A restraint on language would have easily conveyed the message to the masses without the breach of anyone’s privilege. As Kiran Bedi and Prashant Bhushan are unwilling to apologise on this issue, the episode may head in a direction of clash between the Parliamentarians and the masses. This situation should be avoided. This unpleasant issue should end as early as possible. An increase in the conflict may serve a message to the masses that Team Anna and the Parliament have come face to face.

A display of nobility on part of the Parliamentarians to ignore the statements against them would have been a better and a more suited option. Without a second thought, these statements are repulsive in nature and certainly affect the dignity of the Parliament. If the Parliamentarians are so concerned about the dignity of the Parliament and their own reputation, they are required to introspect their own conduct. Pandemonium, bedlam and occasional scuffle between public representatives in state assemblies are no longer a hidden fact. Such scenes have become a routine affair on television and under any circumstances they cannot be termed a pleasant sight. The message on the bitter reality that elected representatives have failed to live up to their expectations has already reached the masses. The message may be an outcome of certain compulsions of public representatives, but the masses cannot be held accountable for the scenario.  It is in the hands of public representatives to follow a proper code of conduct in politics. The issue of ignorance of public feelings by the Parliament was a fact which was deeply underlined in the campaign of Anna Hazare. Will the Parliamentarians of different political parties ponder over the reasons which prompted the masses to hit the street in support of their genuine demands? One cannot ignore the constitutional privileges of Parliamentarians, but they have to realize that the masses too hold a constitutional privilege which gives them the freedom to express their opinion. One can raise an objection if the masses fail to highlight their issues in a righteous manner, but it should be reviewed that a breach of privilege notice should be served in such instances or not. If it is being thought that serving a breach of privilege notice on derogatory statements will help the political leadership save their dignity, it is perhaps a wrong motion.