Bangalore: Two auto-drivers taking a passenger to Nandi Hills were in for a shocking surprise on Tuesday, as their passenger leapt to his death and had them film the whole incident on his mobile phone, in full view of over 50 picnickers.

Following a tiff with his mother on Ugadi, Sharath Kumar (19) attended his II PU examinations, and then requested auto-driver Vinod (22), who lives at the foothills of Nandi hills, to ferry him to the top of the hill.

Vinod said that Sharath offered him Rs 50 to pick up his parents at the top of the hill and drop them back to the bus stand at the foothills. He agreed and his friend, Ambarish, also an autorickshaw driver agreed to go along. Ambarish also clicked a few photographs of Sharath on request, while they were going to the top.

Sharath asked Ambarish to video record him throughout the walk near the cliff edge, which is 4,000 foot drop, and suddenly without uttering a word, a smiling Sharath jumped to his death.

The entire incident was caught on camera and was witnessed by over 50 shocked onlookers.

According to the police, Sharath was staying with his mother at Thyagarajanagar in Bangalore south and recently had a tiff with her on Ugadi day. He then threatened to take his life, but she had taken it lightly. His mother worked at a garment factory and when she left for work on Tuesday, Sharath wrote a note saying no one was to blame for his death and that his mother should not search for him.

"I was talking to a friend over the phone and rushed along with Ambarish to catch him, but it happened too quickly. Normally, as a precautionary measure, security guards at the entry point do not allow individuals traveling alone to enter.”

"Sharath lied to the security staff while passing the ticket counter saying he was heading up to pick up his aged parents," Vinod said.

After the incident, the two shocked drivers rushed to the police outpost along with Sharath's mobile phone and explained what had happened.