Convenor of the Joint Students' Coordinating Committee (JSCC), Thangjam Premananda, told reporters that all non-Manipuri people in the state should close their shops, stop transacting business and remain indoors during the curfew

He said it was ‘very shocking’ that people from the North East region were ‘not only ill treated but looked down’ in the national capital and blamed the Central and Delhi governments for their failure to protect people from the region.
“A series of agitations would be launched soon if proper measures were not taken to protect the people from the region,: he said, adding the death of Nido Tania, a student from Arunachal Pradesh, rape of a Manipuri girl, assault on two Manipuri youths and two girls showed that mainland people have no respect for those who belong to this region.

Accusing the Manipur government and MPs from the region of ‘failing’ to put maximum pressure on the Centre, he said people in the region would not remain silent while their brothers and sisters were murdered or raped in the national capital.

The Joint Students' Coordinating Committee has been formed a few days ago by six major student bodies including All Manipur Students Union, Democratic Alliance of Students of Manipur and Manipuri Students Federation.

The curfew began from 5 am on Wednesday.


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