Barnala (Punjab): Indeed the Right to Education (RTE) Act has succeeded in cutting down the drop-out rates of students but the poor condition of government schools reveals a different picture.

In an RTI revelation, government schools running in the Barnala district of Punjab do not have proper drinking water facilities for the students. As per the reports, no government schools in the district have water purifier systems installed in the premises. As a result, many students are reported sick in the area.

According to the reports, out of the 299 government schools in the district, 143 schools were surveyed by the health department. Notably, 38 schools were found not upto the mark on the lines of providing pure drinking water supply.

Expressing serious concerns over the gloomy picture, District Health Officer Baldev Singh said, “Every school must ensure a sound arrangement of basic facilities. Auro purifier system must be installed to provide students with pure and hygienic water.”

When asked about the dismal condition of the schools, District Education Officer (Secondary) said, “Proper drinking water facilities besides installation of Auro Water purifier guards will be done once we get sufficient funds from the government.”