New Delhi: A teacher’s role in everyone’s life is akin to a mud potter who converts undesirable mud into a beautiful and utilizable pot. In India, teacher’s day is observed on September 5 since 1962, to mark the contribution made by the teachers to the society. The day commemorates the birthday of Dr Sarvepalli Radhakhrishnan, a philosopher and a teacher par excellence, and his contribution towards the education system of India.

We must have gathered the best moments of our life during our schoolings surrounded with best teachers who are not only the one who teaches lessons to clear the exams with best marks but they also plays the role of a friend, philosopher and guide.

Why we celebrate ‘Teacher’s Day’

Like mother’s day and father’s day, there is a reason behind celebrating this special occasion too. It goes like this, when some of the students and pals of Dr Radhakhrishnan approached him to allow them to celebrate his birthday, kind-hearted and generous Radhakhrishnan suggested them by saying that ‘instead of celebrating my birthday why don’t you dedicate this day to the valuable teachers and mark the day as ‘Teacher’s Day’. From that day onwards, the day has been marked as Teacher’s Day, in India.

World observes ‘Teacher’s Day’

The Teacher’s Day is celebrated across the world but on different dates. In China, the day is observed on September 10, 5 October is marked for the teacher’s in Russia, in Iran, teacher’s day is celebrated on May 2, November 24 in Turkey and May 16 is dedicated to teachers in Malaysia.

Special treatment for special teachers

A teacher is just like a candle that burns itself to light the surroundings. For students, Teacher’s Day is an occasion to pay respect and gratitude to the teachers for their selfless efforts made for them to shape up their career. Here are some tips with which you can make your teacher feel special on the occasion:

1. Present a bouquet, a mug holding nice quotation to your favourite teacher.
2. Decorate staff room with flowers and balloons.
3. Shower flowers when he or she enters in the classroom.
4. You can write a poem and recite it in chorus when he or she makes entry to the classroom.
5. You can write ‘Happy Teacher’s Day’ on the blackboard.

Several schools observe Teacher’s Day with full excitement and fervor. Special programmes are organized by the students on this occasion. Students play roles of their favourite teachers with which they got to know how difficult the task is for the teachers to pay attention to each and every student, mark their performance and guide them accordingly to make their future best.

If you want to appreciate your teachers for their valuable work and efforts then this is the right time for it. You can feel yourself lucky as so many children are there in India who have never been to the schools and are deprived of the proper education from the best teachers. With this beautiful thought you can make Teacher’s Day valuable and special.

Jyotika Sachdeva/JPN

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