New Delhi: Even as Anna Hazare’s 12-fast is over and people in the national capital are back to their jobs, schoolchildren are still mesmerized with the magical charm of the Gandhian activist. Such is the craze among schoolchildren that they are repeatedly asking questions from their teachers in schools about Anna.

Teachers who are aware of the crusade against corruption and the 12-day fast at Ramlila Maidan are quick to answer but they fail to satisfy their students’ query when it comes to answering questions about Hazare’s life.

According to reports, questions by schoolchildren on Hazare’s life have forced the teachers to use internet for further information.

“Hazare has become so popular among students that they ask questions related to his family, full name, his background, etc,” said one teacher.

The live telecast of Hazare’s 12-day fast has affected the minds of schoolchildren and they are so interested in knowing about the crusader that they want to have complete information about him.

“Children who went to the fast venue also tell the stories to other students and the amazement never stops,” said another teacher of a private school.