Singapore: A new book on Subhas Chandra Bose's influence on Singapore and Malaysia was launched at the Institute of Southeast Asian Studies (ISEAS) here.

The book, "A Gentleman's Word", published by ISEAS, and released on Tuesday, details late Bose had inspired progressive movements such trade unions and women's groups in Singapore and Malaysia.

The 260-page book was authored by Nilanjana Sengupta, a visiting research fellow at the ISEAS, a Singapore think tank on Southeast Asian affairs.

Launching the book, former Singapore President S R Nathan said the book bring to the fore "an aspect of Bose's work which has been least written about".

It moves beyond Bose's well-documented leadership of the Indian National Army in the fight against British imperialism.

Sengupta noted in the book how the founding member of Singapore's ruling People's Action Party and unionist James Puthucheary and Malaysia's Malaysian Indian Congress founding President John Thivy had fought under Bose leadership on the Indian-Burma border.

People were inspired by Bose to fight for freedom and equality in Singapore and Malaysia, said Sengupta.

Bose empathized with the popular anti-institutional movements of the world, be it in Ireland, Burma or the Philippines, said Sengupta at the launch.