"About Ram temple, we certainly would like a negotiated settlement with the Muslim community," he said.
"We need now, with the help of theologists of Islam, to sit with principal parties in the Supreme Court petitions that are there, to persuade them to accept the building in three places Mathura, Ayodhya and Kashi and mosque in another location, which we will help them build, and come to a negotiated settlement," Swamy said.
His response came to a query on Ram temple issue during an interaction with people active on the social media.
To another question, he said that interests of different states should not supersede national interests.
"I have been saying this in Tamil Nadu also. The interests of Tamils cannot supersede the interests of the nation. Because of the foolishness of the previous government, China and Pakistan have made big inroads into Sri Lanka," he said.
Swamy noted that India, being the biggest country in the region, should go an extra mile to win over its neighbours.

"The President of Sri Lanka has invited me. I am leaving now," he added.
He said within the country, no state can be allowed to place national interests above state interests. "Constitution is also very clear," he said.
He also criticized Tamil Nadu Chief Minister J Jayalalithaa and DMK chief M Karunanidhi for opposing ‘Sanskrit week’ in schools.
"Sanskrit is the language of the future," he said adding that even US space agency NASA had recognized Sanskrit as the most ‘computer-friendly’ language.
Taking a dig at the Tamil Nadu leaders, he said, "Today, Karunanidhi and Jayalalithaa are opposing Sanskrit week. Then you change your name. Jayalalithaa is a Sanskrit name. Karunanidhi is a Sanskrit name."
Observing that nothing is ‘owed to one family’ in BJP, Swamy said that a system of checks and balances exists only in the BJP which does not allow individuals to have total power.
"If there is anything, the background could have held him (Prime Minister Narendra Modi) back. But, he has come up. He has crossed it and come. He himself represents a social revolution," he said.


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