New Delhi: In order to boost India's animation and gaming industry, the government should give incentives like tax rebates, besides taking steps to protect copyright laws, according to a recent joint report by Assocham and Deloitte.

Strong copyright laws are necessary to give a boost to the animation and gaming industry, the report said.

"The industry needs government support through tax rebates and grants. Weak intellectual property regulation discourages animation and gaming companies to produce their own works though Indian laws," the report said.

It said huge opportunities are available for the domestic companies to explore the sector.

"India's share is less than 10 per cent in global (animation and gaming) market," it said, adding "this highlights immense potential of growth".

The global gaming industry is estimated at USD 40 billion and expected to reach USD 59 billion in the coming years, it added.

It also said increasing mobile users and presence of 3G platform would further enhance the growth of the industry in the country.

India is the second largest mobile market in the world, with about 750 million mobile subscribers and 12 million subscribers being added every month.

"The growth potential on 3G platform for gaming is huge," it said, adding the cost of developing games in the country is half of what it costs in the US.