Khartoum: Sudan has said that it had irrefutable evidence that Israel carried out air strike on its Red Sea coast last week that destroyed a car and claimed two lives.

Two AH-64 Apache helicopters attacked on Tuesday, around 15 kilometers south of Port Sudan, Sudan's Foreign Ministry said in a statement.

He added that the helicopters flew in from the Red Sea and unleashed a torrent of Hellfire missiles and machinegun fire on the car after having jammed the local radar system. The US-made helicopters were not owned by any country in the region except Israel.

For the time being Israel has refused to comment on the raid.

On the contrary, officials in Israel have previously expressed concern about arms smuggling through Sudan, which has close ties with the Palestinian Islamist group Hamas.

The attack mirrored a similar strike by foreign aircraft on a truck convoy reportedly laden with weapons in eastern Sudan in January 2009.

Khartoum which has already named the deceased two people in the air strike has denied that Sudan was harbouring Islamic militant groups.

The Foreign Ministry of Sudan says Israel carried out the strike in an attempt to tarnish country’s name and prevent it being removed from the US terror blacklist.
Washington promised Sudan name out of US terror blacklist in return for their allowing January's referendum on southern independence to take place, and for accepting the overwhelming vote for secession.

Sudan said about its plan to lodge a formal complaint against Israel with the UN Security Council and would take similar action at the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva.