The firm -- subsidiary of Paris-headquartered Suez Group -- provides water treatment facilities in India since early 1980s.
"We are growing here with a year-on-year growth between 10 to 15 percent... We have a USD 100 million business here," SUEZ environment India Managing Director Shyam J Bhan said.

According to SUEZ environment Chief Executive Officer Jean-Louis Chaussade: "Australia business is around USD 1 billion and in China we manage a business of about USD 1 million.
"We expect business in India to grow faster than the recent past... the size of the business in India is still small, but growing."
He added the firm is interested in setting up desalination plants in the western and southern region. "In India middle class is growing very fast, which needs clean environment and therefor waste management would grow...There are many such interest for us to develop activities in India," Chaussade added.

The company is also looking for acquisitions here to expand its presence here. "India is very important to us as the urban population is going to rise and management of these big cities is going to be a key issues and need assistance of technology. It would require water resource management which is very important," Chaussade said.
The Suez Group has brought all its 40 brands under a single brand -- SUEZ environment -- for improved performance and commercial efficiency as well as to reinforce convergence between the Group's activities.

According to the company, by 2030 the planet's population will reach 9 billion people living mainly in cities and by that time management of natural resources would be heart of the challenges.
In 2014, the group generated 14.32 billion euro revenue and employs 80,990 people globally. In India, the firm has a head count of 600 people and indirectly employs 1,200 people.

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