New Delhi: Relieved after suffering from rheumatoid arthritis, Nigeria based Margaret is now able to stand on her own feet. The difference is she has now got more screws and metals than her bones.

After five different surgeries in Indraprastha Apollo Hospital, 65-year-old Margaret got a new life after the surgery.

Dr Yash Gulati, who performed the surgery, said it was the first time in his career where he saw screws and metals in all important parts of her body.

Meanwhile, Margaret said she was almost dying and bed ridden due to pain in joints. “I can’t believe I could walk again and have been relieved from pain. I am suffering from the disease since 2000,” she said.

Margaret was unable to stand and there was severe pain in her fingers and joints. She was dependent on her family members for her regular chores.

After the treatment did not respond in Nigeria, she came to India with lot of hope.

“When Margaret visited me, she could barely stand and her back was quite bent. This situation is termed as rheumatoid arthritis,” said Dr Gulati.

“It was necessary to conduct a surgery on her spine and replace her knees and hip to relieve her from pain,” he added.