New Delhi: Renowned Sufi musician Ustad Zila Khan regaled the audience with her soulful Sufi songs on the occasion of the 92nd Foundation Day of Jamila MIlia Islamia.

The soulful Sufi singer, daughter of the legendary sitar maestro Ustad Vilayat Khan, performed in front of a jam-packed auditorium with Union Minister Kapil Sibal gracing the occasion.

The Sufi performance started with Khan singing a song titled "Mubarak Ho." As the evening progressed, her magical voice kept everyone mesmerised. Her voice was well complimented by the sounds of traditional indian instrument such as sitar and tabla.

She showcased her singing skills by performing a vast range of musical forms like Qaul, Qalbana, Gul and others quite well. Her captivating performance was enjoyed equally by the students and the minister, who was seen fully absorbed by the performance.

"Sufism is celebrating God's creation through praise in many different ways. Sufi Music is a way of life, understanding the various emotions and celebrating it," said the legendary singer.

Khan is a Sufi singer who sings both classical and semi-classical musical forms. She performs in the tradition of the Imadkhana gharana.

Among other poems, Ustad Zila Khan will also recited urdu translations of Kapil Sibal's poems. A fact that many people don't know is that Sibal has two books his of poems already published, and is a keen follower of the art of poetry.

The celebrations of the 92nd Foundation Day began with a Flag Hoisting Ceremony by chief guest I M Kadri and Najeeb Jung, the vice-chancellor of the university.

The Flag hoisting ceremony was accompanied by "Dayar-e-shauq Mera”, which is the official anthem or 'taarana' of Jamia University. The morning programme concluded with a foundation Day Function at M A Ansari Auditorium, and as per tradition, was organized by the Jamia Middle School. The students of the Jamia Middle school conducted the programme, highlighting their achievements. It was followed by a lovely song from kids of Mushir Fatima Nursery School who endeared everyone present with their beautiful composition.

On the occasion, Vice-Chancellor Najeeb Jung reminded the teaching community of the great sacrifices with which Jamia was built and urged them to rethink how education can serve the weakest of the weak.

Kadri spoke about numerous anecdotes involving Gandhi, Dr Zakir Husain, Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru and Sarojini Naidu, among others.

The Foundation Day celebrations of Jamia Millia Islamia will come to an end today with a performance by a visiting group of whirling dervishes from Turkey called 'Konya Turkish Tasawwuf Music Ensemble'.


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