Nanauta (Saharanpur): The contamination of Krishna River in Bhaneda Khemchandpur village of Saharanpur district has led to deaths of many people and forced the villagers to migrate.

The government sugar mill, which was established in 1975 here, is said to have polluted the river. Villagers are unable to get clean drinking water.

Chemical and sugary wastes produced by the mill are drained into the river, which contaminates groundwater too in the areas. With drinking the water from hand-pumps, villagers fall sick and suffer from diseases like cancer, TB and other skin diseases.

Bhaneda Khemchandpur was once given the status of clean village and village head Sudesh Rana was awarded by the President. But, it is losing its clean tag owing to the present mess.

Around 30 people are reported to have died after drinking contaminated water and nearly 50 are struggling for life that forces villagers to migrate to other places.

Uttar Pradesh CM Mayawati and UPA chairperson Sonia Gandhi were informed about the river pollution. In 2006, Congress MP Ashok Gehlot had directed the then DM for action, but there was no solution to the matter.

Expressing his concern over the matter, District Magistrate Chaub Singh said that he would take this issue seriously and send a team for improving the conditions.