Shillong, Jan 22 (Agencies): Lt Gen PK Rath, a former 33 Corps Commander who was on Friday convicted in the Sukna land scam in West Bengal, is expected to be sentenced on Saturday.

This is the first conviction of a serving three-star General by an Army court. The Sukna land scam in West Bengal had come to light in 2008.

Rath had been charged with intent to defraud the Army by issuing a No-Objection Certificate (NOC) to a private realtor to construct an educational institution on a 70-acre plot adjacent to the military station.

Another senior general, Lt Gen Avadesh Prakash, who was the Military Secretary when General Deepak Kapoor was the Army Chief but is now retired, is also expected to soon face a court martial in the same case. The order for Prakash's court martial was issued by Kapoor before his retirement in March 2010.

The court martial, comprising five senior Lieutenant Generals and headed by Lt Gen IP Singh, found Rath guilty on three counts.

Among the charges are intent to defraud the Army by issuing the NOC "improperly and without authority" and without "due and proper" examination of security concerns of the Army installations; signing a memorandum of understanding with the private realtor to reserve seats in the educational institution for wards of Army officers; and not informing the higher authorities about the land transfer.

The fraud charges under Section 52 of the Army Act attracts a maximum punishment of 10-year imprisonment.

The judgment was delivered by the General Court Martial after an eight-month long hearing in the case.

When the scam had come to light, the Army had ordered a Court of Inquiry, which held that Rath and Avadesh Prakash, as also Lt Gen Ramesh Halgali and Maj Gen PK Sen, were blameworthy. Halgali was Rath's Chief of Staff at 33 Corps and Sen was the administrative head of the Sukna military station in Siliguri district of West Bengal.