New Delhi, (Agencies): Observing that scams like Sukna and Adarsh Society have painted armed forces in a "bad" light, Defence Minister A K Antony said policies would be made to bar local military authorities from directly issuing 'no objection certificates' to private realtors.
Speaking in a meeting of the Parliamentary Consultative Committee, he said the scams have exposed the "gaps" in the defence land management system and their records will be computerised.
"The Defence Ministry will shortly be framing policies covering the issue of NOCs... No NOC would be issued, especially to private builders directly by the Local Military Authorities (LMAs)," he said.
Sukna, Kandivali and Adarsh land scams  related to issuing of NOCs by local military commanders to private realtors and have led the ministry to change its policies for granting permission for construction on defence land or in areas adjacent to military stations.
Scams have projected the armed forces in "bad" light, said a policy is also being framed for cases where the local laws require consultation with local military authorities for construction of buildings on lands adjacent to defence installations.
He said the Works of Defence Act, which provides for restrictions on building activity around defence installations, would be amended to make it relevant to present day situations.  
"The Act has not been amended for the last over 100 years. The government is also looking at the de-hiring policy to avert any misuse," he said.
Discussing about the difficulties in defence land management, Antony said under the Constitution of India, land is a state subject and if for a particular piece of land the ownership records tally both in ministry records and state records, there is no problem.

"But in some instances, this is not so. Moreover, vested interests lose no time in exploiting gaps in the system," he said.