"The success of Parliament largely depends on the performance of its members, their sincerity, commitment and faith in parliamentary institutions," Mahajan said inaugurating a two-day orientation programme for first-time MPs of the 16th Lok Sabha.

The success of parliamentarians depends on how intelligently they decide their priorities and how effectively they formulate plans to work upon those, she added.

Mahajan further said that the time of the House is very limited and it is essential to master the art of putting forth one's views coherently and emphatically within the given time. She said that it was very sad when members go on speaking beyond their allotted time despite repeated reminders by the presiding officers.

"Needless to say it creates a negative impression especially when the House proceedings are being telecast live besides eating into other members' time," she added.

It is in the interest of the members and their constituents that they realize their responsibility in maintaining discipline and decorum in the House, she added. The orientation programme aims to help members familiarize themselves with various procedural devices and related themes of the Parliament.


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