Tokyo (Agencies): Match fixing scandal has now hit Tokyo’s national sport also as a special panel investigating a match-fixing scandal launched a probe targeting sumo wrestlers in the top two divisions as it seeks to uncover more answers in the biggest crisis to hit sumo wrestling.

Estonian ozeki Baruto, who is among four holding sumo's second-highest rank, was one of the high-profile wrestlers questioned by the panel, following the Japan Sumo Association's (JSA) decision on Sunday to call off the Spring Grand Sumo Tournament next month.

"This is really a shame. There were a lot of fans who were looking forward to the spring meet," said Baruto, who was promoted to ozeki at the Osaka meet last year.

"I will continue to train as if I were going to wrestle at the Osaka basho. Everyone is fighting hard. I am also working out to put on a good performance," he said.

Additional staff has been added to question 70 wrestlers in the makuuchi and juryo divisions and the panel plans to wrap up the interviews this week.

"We want full disclosure. We want those questioned to answer honestly," said JSA Chairman Hanaregoma.

Facing the first cancellation of a meet in 65 years, they are set to discuss how to handle new recruits as well as changes to the sumo rankings and payment allowances, a factor that apparently motivated some wresters to rig matches.