In an effort to make your Valentine’s Day spectacular, you need to give personal touch to woo your beloved one. Market is flooded with many items to celebrate V-Day. You can please your Valentine with myriad range of gifts if you loosen your purse string, but if you take out time to cook something special for your loved one, you will carve indelible print of sweet memories as good recipe could be stepping stone for leapfrogging into deep recess of partner’s  heart.    

To make them feel special, dedicate an hour or half preparing a dish that is especially meant for Valentine’s Day. We have a list of special Valentine’s Day recipes that could be tried on this auspicious occasion to gladden your partner. You must have tried Chocolate Cookie Cheesecake, Chocolate Silk Pie, Blue Cheese Heart Tarts and Chocolate Challah French Toast earlier, but this time around make your Valentine please with these exquisite recipes.

Valentines Sweet Heart Cake ( Two cakes ; 500 gms each )

Ingredients for Valentines Sweet Heart Cake:

For the sponge :
1.    250 gms butter
2.    250 gms castor sugar
3.    1/2 tea spoon vanilla essence    
4.    Few drops of cherry essence  
5.    250 gms melted Chocolate
6.    5 Eggs         
7.    100 gms rough ground hazelnut
8.    350 gms refined flour
9.    30 ml Dark rum    
10.    2 tea spoon baking powder

For the Filling :
1.    250 gms freshly whipped cream    
2.    50 gms candied strawberry pulp    
3.    50 gms candied Maraschino Pulp
4.    50 gms dark chocolate flakes
5.    30 ml Red Wine  

How to make Valentines Sweet Heart Cake?

Step 1: Cream the butter with castor sugar and slowly add in the eggs.

Step 2: Add the vanilla essence and cream and mix it well.

Step 3: Mix the refined flour and with the baking powder and the ground hazelnut.

Step 4: Add in the melted chocolate

Step 5: Fold in the flour mixture. Pour in heart shaped trays and bake at 175 degree for 60 minutes.

Step 6: After cooling slice up the sponge in to three layers. Mix all the ingredients for the filling and layer them alternating with the sponge.

Step 5: Garnish with strawberries and heart shaped cut outs of chocolate.


Cushy Puffy Strawberry ( Serves Four )

Ingredients for Cushy Puffy Strawberry:

1.    175 gms refined flour                
2.    1 tea spoon baking powder
3.    1/8 tea spoon salt
4.    80 gms apricot puree
5.    380 gms butter    
6.    30 gms shredded carrot    
7.    5 Eggs
8.    450 gms light brown sugar
9.    Few drops of vanilla essence
10.  100 gms fresh strawberries(Thick Slices)

How to make Cushy Puffy Strawberry?

Step 1: Mix the flour, baking powder and salt in a small bowl.

Step 2: Beat the eggs, brown sugar and vanilla essence in a large bowl until creamy.

Step 3: Use a large rubber spatula to fold in the puree, followed by the dry ingredients.

Step 4: Spoon the batter into four greased pans lined with the strawberries.

Step 5: Bake for 35/40 mins at 130 degree C until dry on top and almost firm to the touch. The strawberries float up to the top.

Step 6: Do not over bake. Cool and serve with any dessert sauce.

Cupids Treasure Chest ( Serves Ten )

Ingredients for Cupids Treasure Chest:

1.    10 Eggs
2.    200 gms sugar
3.    225 gms double cream
4.    450 gms dark chocolate    
5.    1 litre milk
6.    500 gms bread crumbs
7.    100 gms chocolate chips

How to make Cupids Treasure Chest?

Step 1: Heat the double cream with the sugar and milk. Once it comes to boil add in the chopped dark chocolate. Mix it well with wooden ladle.

Step 2: Add in the bread crumbs, chocolate chips, eggs and fold the mixture gently

Step 3: Pour in individual moulds dusted with flour and bake at 225 degree C till done

Step 4: Top up with patisserie strawberry cream and decorate with sugared hearts and sugar candies.


Liqueur-Lust Chocolates (24 Chocolates Each)

Ingredients for Liqueur-Lust Chocolates:

1. 400 gms white chocolate with strawberry crush
2. 400 gms dark chocolates with rose essence

Fillings :

1. 100 gms vanilla vodka and strawberry custard
2. 100 gms dark rum with banana cream

How to prepare Liqueur-Lust Chocolates?

Step 1: Melt the white and dark chocolates separately very slowly in a double boiler. Mix in the strawberry crush and the rose essence respectively.

Step 2: Keep folding with rubber spatula till smooth. Cool slightly and fill up heart shaped moulds separately. Drain out the excess chocolates. Cool and then put in the respective fillings.

Step 3: Pour in the rest of the chocolate and seal the top with a palette knife.

Step 4: Demould and serve.

Loveneet Kaur


Devraj Halder

EAM – Food and Beverage

The Suryaa New Delhi