The bed sheet, carpet on which fluid marks were found and broken glass, which were recently recovered from suite number 345 of Leela Palace Hotel, where Pushkar, wife of former union minister Shashi Tharoor, was found dead, has also been sent to forensic labs for examination.

The room where Pushkar was found dead under mysterious circumstances on January 17, was recently revisited by police and forensic experts. The suite of the five star hotel, had remained sealed and was opened for the first time since the incident.

According to senior police officials, the three phones and laptop have been sent to check whether anything was deleted from the device after Pushkar's death.

Police had also got information regarding Pushkar's twin email accounts from Yahoo and Google with details of whom she was in touch during her last days.

A list of these people through their IP addresses was made by the police and they were quizzed about the conversations.

Their statements will now be tallied with each other and also with those which were recorded before the SDM during the initial investigation.

The investigations were initiated after AIIMS medical board in its second report confirmed poisoning as the reason behind her death which has been their earlier stand too, but said that the details of the crime scene was not shared with them.

The doctors have not specified the kind of poison and how it reached Pushkar's body.

The panel had also advised police to get the bed sheet and pillow of the deceased forensically tested.

The medical board concluded that Pushkar's vital organs like kidney, lungs and liver were functioning normally and that her death was caused by poisoning.

Delhi Police commissioner BS Bassi had said the fresh reports submitted to them were "inconclusive" and "based on conjecture".

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